Creating a Blueprint for all Account opening journeys
Managing a team of 5 designers and working closely with research I helped to define the optimum onboarding journey for all the HSBC products including the application of bank accounts, credit cards, overdrafts and loans.
I used journey maps and blueprints to build a shared understanding with stakeholders and help align journeys across continents. Working closely with user researchers, ux copy writers, legal and technical teams I created journey blueprints to not only make onboarding journeys consistent, globally across the bank, but also help us design new journeys more efficiently.
The HSBC Design System
By leveraging the HSBC Design System with the journey blueprints, we could quickly create new account opening journey designs that gave our users the best experience. 
This blueprinting system was adopted by other teams across the bank and continues to help design teams at the bank to bring more unity to customer experiences.
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