The Customer Journey
To uncover any pain points and opportunities within their product, run user interviews and user testing sessions of their existing journey to uncover the pain points. I presented the findings and my recommendations back to everyone in the company to get buy in. I ran a series of workshops and worked with the product owner, business analyst, developers and senior stakeholder to prioritise the changes to the product.
The output from the research included an Empathy Map to illustrate the experience of getting a Mortgage to the rest of the team, Customer journey maps highlighting pain points and a series of recommendations for improvements. 
The customer journey map helps us to refer to whenever we are making product decisions, the remember what our user is expecting at each stage in the journey and what they might want to do next.
Improving Mortgage Matches
Following the playback sessions and workshop, I begun sketches and wireframing to present ideas early on and facilitate discussions. After a series of iterations, I built a high fidelity prototype to test with users.
The part of the journey that caused the most frustration for users was the results page. It was not what users expected and was difficult to find, so we tackled this first. Cleaning up the page and adding the filters that matter most to users. We also ran an A/B test to alongside this, to see whether taking users to their results page earlier on would affect our conversion rates. We found that taking users to their results page sooner in the journey is what users expect and also increased our conversions rates to people booking an appointment with a broker. 
I built a high fidelity prototype of the entire journey, with the results page earlier in the journey and newly designed. 
The Dashboard
I worked on the user journey from the Mortgage Matches through to booking appointments with a Broker and Mortgage management within the MortgageGym Dashboard.
The Design System
To help us work more efficiently within the small and growing design team and also to improve the workflow with the development team, I created a style guide and design system.
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