Concept development, whiteboarding, research, user journey mapping, low and high fidelity prototyping, UI visual design, user testing.
The business consultancy FSP, were investigating the idea of creating their own employee performance and feedback app. Starbucks took initial interest in the idea so we went about designing a concept for an app that serves as a channel for open, continuous feedback and communication between managers and employees as well as other employees. I worked closely with the CEO and Director to bring this idea to life.

We thrashed out our ideas on whiteboards, paper, card - anything we could find and tested them on FSP employees.
We begun by making assumptions about what the key tasks would be for the two main types of user: the employee and the manager/business leader. 
From there, we worked out the different user journeys dependent on the user type. This helped us to visualise the flow users would take and what steps they would need to take to achieve their respective tasks. 

I took the flows and created wireframes and a low fidelity prototype that we used to present the initial idea back to senior stakeholders. 
I designed the UX through to the UI and creating the visual assets. I created clickable, high fidelity prototypes to illustrate a typical user journey through the feedback app, using Sketch and InVision. 
I also designed the desktop dashboard to sync with the mobile app and provide business leaders an overview of all of their employee feedback.
I also developed some alternative interface designs to show how we might adapt the front end, visual design to suit different company brands. View the high fidelity prototype here.